Sean Guevremont - Owner

I can remember being in the basement gym of my University. Trying every new program, making mistakes, trying again. It just so happened that; learning from others, personal experimentation, and adopting only what worked I became the go-to guy when it came to everything related to training.

“Simple but effective” became very important to me. By experimenting with my teammates I quickly realized and learnt that not all of us are created equally. What worked for one, needed to be changed ever so slightly to work for another. I developed a keen eye for making the appropriate changes.

I may have hung up my cleats, and now train more than just athletes, but the lessons learned remain.

erik swim.jpg

Erik Hogan - Senior Coach

I grew up as a competitive swimmer, spending most days(and nights) with my head under the water! I loved the technical aspects as well as the dedication that was required to excel in the sport.  As I became more competitive I began to develop an appreciation for the work outside of the pool (i.e the gym, kitchen, and recovery practices). This thirst for knowledge led me down this path and was the catalyst to becoming a coach. 

Growing up the coach/athlete relationship helped me with increased motivation, purpose, performance, knowledge, and over all high quality of life. It is my goal to offer this same positive experience in my role as a coach, and in the environment created at Calgary Central. 

My experience as a coach has taught me that emphasizing the necessity for dedication, individuality, and offering appropriate progression will empower those that I work with to pursue a lifelong process of pursuing fitness and well-being.

I could bore you with a long list of credentials...but, I won't...The most important is this is my profession, i'm a life long learner, and I care!


Scott Payne - Coach

Being an athlete, I learned really quick that being prepared isn’t always enough, adapting to different situations and circumstances is the key to success.

After many years of studying and experimentation on myself and others, I’ve realized that these same principles apply to health and fitness. To be a great coach is to adapt to one’s needs, strengths, and imbalances to ensure a constant and safe progression.

My profession is my passion and what’s great about it is that whether in coaching or training it will always keep you humble, no matter how much you may think you know, there is always more to be learned and applied.

And no matter how difficult the workout, there will always be a more challenging one!